by Marisa Marcantonio

Sara's latest destination: JK Place Capri

When my college friend, native New Yorker Sara Bliss told me she was starting a blog on boutique hotels, I was hooked. I knew her stellar writing from her time at House Beautiful and the articles she wrote for a host of stylish publications made this venture worthwhile and exiting.
Who wouldn't love to vicariously travel to the best boutique hotels across the globe? Hotel Chic: Hotel Style Translated To Real Life, sends you on a visual journey of well - edited, gems of vacation destinations, where you can pick up design advice and lower blood pressure simultaneously. Looking for a weekend getaway? You can search by destinations. Looking for the rug vendor a hotel used in the entry hall? Sara goes to great lengths to provide sources with service. An incredible eye paired with an insatiable wanderlust makes Hotel Chic a must read. Sometimes daily life can get banal, so become an armchair traveler without the jet lag!