by Marisa Marcantonio

So you know how much I adore dogs. The other night I was watching Sundance Channel's great show, Man Shops Globe with Anthropologie's editor- at- large and buyer Keith Johnson. His journey with Anthro began in 1994 when his partner Glen Senk, now CEO of parent company Urban Outfitters Inc., became president. He spends much of his time on a plane, scouring every artist's studio and design lead, searching for the perfect decorative products for all 123 of Anthropologie's stores. In the episode I caught, he was collecting dog objects and paintings throughout Scotland for an auction to support a Main Line Pennsylvania dog shelter, near where he lives. He went to visit an artist, as he does in every episode, and I hang on every word and want to retrace his pilgrimage! He came upon one artist's studio that I was especially taken with, that of Domenica More Gordon. Her expressive miniature felted wool dog's are incredible. From what I know all the dogs she has created through The Workshop Edinburgh have sold out. If you are feeling handy, you can take a stab at creating your own with her Grey Dog and White Dog kits, which can be ordered on the school's site.

Photo from Man Shops Globe
Domenica More Gordon with one of her creations in the palm of her hand

How can you refuse this face?

Photos from the Workshop Edinburgh
This old guy has such poise