by Marisa Marcantonio

If you are having house guests over and realize you never got throw pillows for your sofa, your walls are bare and there is nowhere to place a drink, you are in luck! Make your summer rental a home and hit the WS Home sale. You should do this before it is too late and your guests think you left your style behind in the big city. Save up to 60% now online and in stores at Williams Sonoma Home.Photos Courtesy of WS Home
The Crane print is $279.99 and you will be excited to hang it in the foyer of your "real" house come fall.

Can't go wrong with caning. I am surprised this rug is still available at $399 for a 5x8.

You still like coral, it's OK to admit it. $39.99 use indoors or out.

The Printed Scroll works well with the Coral for the same price.

Maybe you prefer embroidery. Drop anchor with this Anchor Chain pillow for $49.99, and wear your yellow Lilly to match.

Drinks all around. Hapao Trays will run you $49.00 for a small, $69.00 for a large, online only. Seasonless and always needed, trays are fail safe.

You have gotten too much sun if you have not gotten these yet--steal! Wedgood's classic Blue Willow pattern to serve dessert? $24.99 for 4. Done.

A Large Crisscross Hurricane for those warm summer nights. A bit of a stretch for $98.00, but it will take you into the fall.