by Marisa Marcantonio

Every May, July and September antique loving fans ascend on the town of Brimfield, Massachusetts for a flea market pilgrimage. As I asked around to get some tips on tackling the antiques - fest that is Brimfield, I was surprised at how many interior designers told me they had never been before. It is the world's largest outdoor antique show, with 21 fields that cover 3-5 acres each. Yes, I said 3-5 acres each. 
 In the spirit of a shared dialog, I look forward to recapping my #Brimfield trek with you, through the mud amidst the throngs. Attending with a group of similarly - minded voracious shoppers, ie bloggers and editors courtesy of Robert Allen, we are sure to return with well-edited spoils aplenty.  
If there is a dealer, tent or section that I just cannot miss, be sure to leave me a comment with their  name and location so I can seek them out. Or, drop me a line on twitter @stylebeat. Design aficionados who have gone for years said it becomes less overwhelming the more you go, so as someone who likes to plan to the hilt before traveling somewhere new, this is sure to be an experience to remember.