by Marisa Marcantonio

And we're back for more Maison de Luxe Greystone rooms. The house seems to go on forever, room after room. What a treat they were all so idea packed and exciting.

Ron Woodson and Jaime Rummerfield designed Mrs. Doheny's bedroom. A Phylis Morris bed is the star, with an elaborate Peacock adorned wallpaper behind it.

A pink rose riot arranged by Florals.

A fabulous prim and proper portrait redolent of 1950's style hangs above a red sofa with bolsters.

Think pink! Rich pink walls allowed for the classic millwork to stand out.

Fantastical swirled color clad walls provided visual punch in Wendy Schwartz's west grand hall and dressing room. Soane's undulating wicker consoles line the walls as you enter the space, with a stark white geometric Stacked Entry Table from Cuff Home in the center.

A crisp white table is topped with marble grapes and candlesticks from Jardins en Fleur.

Stunning string orbs from Cuff Home are suspended from the ceiling. Cuff Home is Wendy's design store, where you can order these illuminating designs.

Black Crow Studios Watercolor wallpaper stopped me in my tracks. The saturated color and random swirling pattern was mesmerizing.

An ornate grey and white console and wallpaper wrapped screen create a vignette.

In Oliver M. Furth's dressing room, a glossy black floor with silver walls in wallcovering created a deco deluxe dressing area. What a glam, sexy place to get ready. It looked great at night.

Deep plum colored fabric at the window play off the teal upholstery, painted ceiling and white detailing.