by Marisa Marcantonio

Photos courtesy of Porter Teleo
If you have not noticed, a proliferation of stellar boutique wallpaper companies is taking root, changing the way we live within four walls. Artist Kelly Porter and interior designer Bridgett Cochran teamed up to create Porter Teleo in 2004, one such company that led the creative resurgence. Artisanal wallpaper that is fine art for walls, it becomes an oversized artist's canvas, transforming spaces. By incorporating old world fine art techniques, from highly pigmented inks to using handmade Japanese and cotton papers, their materials and artistic influences dovetail for a completely unique result. Their work is admired by Kelly Wearstler, who used their papers in numerous projects featured in her latest book, Hue. The graphic abstractions of their handmade and hand painted wallpapers pack a punch, and can be found at Dessin Fournir, Travis and Company in Atlanta, Holly Hunt in Miami and Hudson Home in Kansas City.

The artists at work applying color to a screen.

Rolling out the papers to get started!

A rainbow of pure vibrant pigments at the ready.

Handmade hand cut papers to be applied to wallpaper grounds.

The painting begins...

Creating Tangled, one of the most popular patterns.

Tangled comes as a wallpaper or printed on Belgian linen.

No matter how you see this Rorschach test - like wallpaper, Ink Blots, there is no doubt the color combination and random pattern are highly compelling.

Ink Blots large scale repeat adds a stunning presence to this modern interior.

A soft blue grey watercolor-like wash of vertical stripes on Conte in the NYC Dessin Fournir showroom.

Capturing the random beauty of tie dye, the eclectic Painter's Palette on Belgian linen evokes a fiery sunset. Their fabric foray has recently joined their wallpaper assortment.

Refracted, a new wallpaper pattern with strong forms and sharp angles as seen in the Dessin Fournir Chicago showroom.

En Plein Air incorporates paper cut outs much in the same way as an applique on fabric.

Photo courtesy of Kelly Wearstler
A gold zig zag patterned wallpaper in a Kelly Wearstler designed interior.

Signs and Signifiers paper in Saffron has a mystical, heirpglyphic quality.