by Marisa Marcantonio

This week at Blogfest 2011, over 100 design bloggers descended on the Lee Jofa showroom at the D and D for a picnic lunch. We got to see the unveiling of the just installed Lilly Room and the result was fabulous. I was ready to move right in.

A papier mache turtle adds a lively element to the space, and you know how Lilly loves critters!

Graphic modern artwork in coordinating colors makes the space very now.

The room mixed Lilly with great accessories and furniture, showing applications of the fabrics in a variety of appealing ways.

Stephen Elrod, the creative director for Lee Jofa, enjoying the bevy of color.

A needlepoint backgammon board accents the game table nicely.

Details are oh so Lilly- lipstick traces on a chocolate cigarette.

What fun! A swing chair for lounging in reverie.

This juicy print is a favorite that works well in panels.

Solid green upholstery with blue trim and a zig zag carpet together with the floral print balance each other out.