by Marisa Marcantonio

Photos courtesy of Nan Quick
Lorenzo Side Chairs surround the Chalice Dining Table
I saw a lone flower blooming in this city this morning, and felt a glimmer of hope that spring would be here soon. New York has had one of the worst winters ever. Heck, every place seems to have had one of the worst weather ever. With that in mind, I would like to welcome Nan Quick's Elegant Garden Furniture as a Stylebeat Sponsor.
I was first introduced to Nan Quick's brilliantly colored, hand - crafted metal furniture when I saw it at the Claremont Showroom here in New York. At the time, Joe Nye had selected to include in his assortment there. It stood out for its whimsical shape and rainbow palette, and Massachusetts - made integrity. I covered the collection here, to spread the word about a little company worth knowing. A stand at London's Chelsea Flower Show gave Nan an international following, and her designs, created to be comfortable with or without cushions, are getting noticed by gardeners and those that love to entertain outside. I am so pleased Nan is busy creating this fantastic furniture, it makes gardens and outdoor spaces come alive with vivid forms and Skittles hues. New colors include Aubergine and Creamy Chartreuse, and custom colors are possible as well. Each item is made to order.

The Tiara Dining Table

The Classical Backless Chair would work in varied settings
The Lorenzo Loveseat

The Lorenzo Side Chair