by Marisa Marcantonio

Round two!
Some interior designers take their dogs everywhere with them, and they become known. Not as well as the designer, but perhaps(!). Man's best friend loves great interior design as much as we do, as you can see from the designer dogs here.

My godson George in his Chinese PJ's on a window seat in my sister's house, designed by her, Amanda of Reynal Interiors, flanked by their dogs Candy and Thurber

Fred, Joe Lucas's pooch

Goofy, Amy Lau's gigantic Italian Spinone has been to the D and D Building

Mary McDonald and her brood of pugs

Wooly sits on a chair upholstered in Parish Hadley fabric. He belongs to Chris Spitzmiller's partner Anthony

Wooly in the city on the velvet

Photo by Andrew French
Harry Heissmann and Sampson strike a pose