by Marisa Marcantonio

Here I am with Brad Ford at the Holly Hunt reception

Not jive talk, blog talk! This past Tuesday, I was thrilled to do a Q and A with Brad Ford at the D and D at Astra in partnership with Quest Magazine. As the editor of, the Cohen Design Center's blog, I had an engaging talk with Brad, also known as The Accidental Blogger. He calls himself this since the blog came out of his design practice-- he designs by day, blogs by night. Like so many! He started his blog, Design Therapy, to support his website, start a dialog in the design community, to share the behind- the- scenes in his projects and what he loves as a designer. We spoke to a room filled with fellow bloggers, interior designers, fabrics and furniture companies, all eager to learn the ins and outs of why a blog is important to get your views and interests across, how to generate readers and ways to maximize your exposure at large. I got to meet newer bloggers like Lisa of Hampton Toes Blog and Barbara of Hampton Hostess Blog. It was great to catch up with Celerie Kemble, who recently launched a fun new website for Kemble Interiors with a strong social media component. All in all, it was great fun to get be part of the design dialog at the D and D, discuss where blogging is going, and what is next. On that note, we ended the discussion with this: will the ipad be the game changer with all these forms of media converging? What do you think is next?