by Marisa Marcantonio

Remains Lighting carries on the fantastical and whimsical designs in lighting created by the late Hollywood designer and bon vivant, Tony Duquette. This new launch in The Permanent Collection is available at all Remains locations and was synced up with the release of newest Duquette tome by Hutton Wilkinson, More is More. A hit of luxury and humor is necessary in these times. Companies should forge ahead with inspiring new designs. We can remain hopeful that things will get better, and look to fantasy-- a necessary element to excite and lead the way.

The Splashing Water Chandelier in in Ecru/Tea takes its cue from a fountain, with its animated arc of water droplets frozen in time.

The Splashing Water Table Lamp Inspiration came from a chandelier Duquette designed in 1956 for the opening fete for his Robertson Boulevard. A marble base and linear metal frame highlights droplets held in mid air above and below the shade.

The Splashing Water Sconce in turquoise and pink has scattered arms that fan out with water drops. A cluster of acrylic drops in the center shimmer like a vintage brooch.

The California Sunburst Sconce design came from a 1964 stage curtain he designed for the LA Music Center. The hand-polished metal extended rays of light in a starburst pattern casts a shadow on walls and makes quite a statement .

The California Sunburst Corona Chandelier with sleek angular pieces takes on an entirely new look when suspended.

The California Sunburst Chandelier reminds me of a Bernini sculpture, with its dramatic rays expanding outward.

The Magic Forest Sconce design with wispy branches and feather-like metal leaves are made more lively with acrylic droplets.

The Magic Forest Floor Lamp came from a pair of torchiere-trees Duquette made for the 1952 MGM musical Lovely To Look At.

The suspended Magic Forest Chandelier takes on a whole new look in the round. There is a lightness from the leaves and playful element.

The Dusk Phoenix Candlestick came from themes Duquette often worked wit. The phoenix, a symbol of rebirth and renewal appeared often in his work. This elaborate candlestick combines an ostrich egg, black onyx, and serpentine hard stones, with a hand gilded 23 karat gold pillar, bringing together natural and rare materials.