by Marisa Marcantonio

Lacquer is often considered one of Asia's greatest contributions to the decorative arts. It is about achieving a surface of perfection. Layer upon shiny layer of varnish is applied over and over again, to obtain a mirror finish. Pacific Connections, a California company that offers chic end tables and trays, has just introduced juicy new colors with jaunty white trim. Perk up a powder room, create a tablescape, or become a neatnick and store tiny things in their cute little boxes.

The new hinged box would make a great presentation piece. Palm Beach Polo, what do you think?

Tropical tones are a welcome sight come spring.

Evoking raspberry and lime sorbet, these happy colors in shiny finishes are a breath of fresh air. There is a box for just about everything-- jewels, business cards, stationery...