by Marisa Marcantonio

The long awaited gently- priced version of Bernd Dams and Andrew Zega's Chinoiseries book is finally here! Highly detailed paintings of 42 pavilions and garden follies are captured in exquisite detail from 17th and 18th Century French fancies. These structures are no longer standing and many were never built, making them that much more exciting to study on the printed page. I am thinking about getting a series framed to hang in a quadrant an the wall.

Photo Courtesy of Rizzoli
The highly decorated surfaces of the chinoiserie-inspired structures harken back to a gilded world, where an outbuilding could serve the sole purpose of delighting the owner's eye. Intricate frettework, climbing floral vines and curving roof lines are captured down to the smallest detail. Available now from Rizzoli

Photo Courtesy of Velum
Blanc de chine with lattice texture and figural relief capture the essence of chinoiserie. Place these on your mantel or as a decorative element on shelves. Make them stand out by placing them against a bright background. Find out where you can purchase from Vellum New York

This charming Quadrille print captures the idylic chinoiserie landscape, palm fronds and a folly. The soothing tropical melon color would look right on a sun porch wicker chair.