by Marisa Marcantonio

One of my favorite fall design events is upon us, The International Show opening night party. It provides a first view to walk the show and see all beautiful pieces from a range of dealers, and a chance to catch up with design friends old and new. Everyone descends upon the Park Avenue Armory on the evening of October 22nd, dressed up and ready to shop. Visiting antique shows and museums is a great way to educate your eye, and see period pieces and important work you can learn from and be inspired by. Expect to see the finest things, from the likes of Berndt Goekler to Maison Gerard. The show runs from October 23 to October 29th, so if you are in town, make it part of your day. Not only is this one of the most respected shows of the finest vetted antiques from top dealers around the world, it is an event that supports The Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering, the volunteer organization within MSK dedicated to supporting cancer research as well as detection and treatment of cancer.  I am always proud to support anything and everything they do- my late father was a patient there, so I understand the angelic and hard work they do. This year, I asked Editor in Chief of Elle Decor, Michael Boodro, the Design Chair of this year's event, to select some pieces that he responded to. Here is what he (brilliantly) had to say about how to live with antiques: 

“At ELLE DECOR we love antiques, and we love rooms that embrace the romance and  atmosphere of the past. That is one reason I am so pleased to act as Design Chair of The  Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Opening Night of the International Show, which features some of the finest dealers in the world. Also, it continues our association with the wonderful Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering, which supports the amazing work of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, the beneficiary of this wonderful evening. What’s important to remember about antiques is that they are not valuable because they’re old, they are old because they are valuable. These objects were coveted and considered beautiful the day they were made, which is why they have been treasured and protected ever since. And if they looked fantastic in someone’s home 200 years ago, or 500 years ago, there is no reason they won’t look great in yours today. The trick is never to lose sight of the moment in which we live and to mix them with contemporary pieces—no one wants to live in a museum period room. And don’t feel you have to confine yourself to one style or one period. Buy what you love and then display it, live with it, use it, and treasure it. Take care of your antiques, of course, but remember, they are there to enrich your home and your life.”

TWA’s World Map/ Librairie Signatures

“Scale matters, and the sheer size of this impressive illustrated map make it a showstopper. But its charms lie in the illustrations of each continent’s wonders, which look back to Art Deco style to pull the glamor of legendary ocean liners like the Normandie into the jet age.”

Bureau Plat/Frank Partridge

“Imagine stashing your laptop in this beauty. Sure, it would be at home in a paneled Park Avenue library, but it would be even more stunning in a downtown loft surrounded by white walls and industrial windows, where its strong lines and refined details would stand out like a magnificent sculpture—which it is.”

A 1960's Fontana Arte pendant from Berndt Goeckler Antiques. He has the most unreal things. Always interesting and captivating.