by Marisa Marcantonio

Hokey but true, positivity can be infectious. Want a great way to spread good vibes? Look no further than new(ish) Brooklyn-based brand, Owen and Fred. Started as a men's accessories company, they have all sorts of neat products, from embossed soaps to leather keychains with a streamlined, well-designed look. With impactful, inspirational and meaningful quotes and motivational mantras spelled out on their products, reading them makes the daily grind falls away for a moment. I love their old school products that add a dose of cool while being uplifting.  Let the healing begin!

Photos courtesy of Owen and Fred

Photos courtesy of Owen and Fred

A concrete soap dish that is so much more. Elevate it's status by using it as a trinket tray on your dresser.

The Yoda Essentials Notebook, cut, sewn and stamped by hand. It's message, direct in a slap-to-the-face sort of way, is bracing.

Another Great Idea Pen. There are a million great ideas, its putting them into action that's the hard part.

This brass bottle opener is substantially masculine, with crisp lines and simple message that encourages you to enjoy that drink after a loooong day. 

I mean, what guy doesn't want to wake to this greeting when they are on the road? The canvas and nylon Shaving Kit. Maintain.