by Marisa Marcantonio

A beautiful dining room-appropriate centerpiece that looks great all year long, Christopher Spitzmiller's Gourd-shaped lidded ceramic vessels provide a show-stopping moment. Whether you choose gold, platinum or matte white, you can't go wrong with these hand-crafted objects. Filled with flowers, the piece looks even more stunning. If you ask for one luxe gift this holiday, the Gourd will take you through the seasons.

For a bit of holiday sparkle, the gold luster finish is the glam choice

If your flatware is silver, the platinum glaze will compliment it nicely

My personal favorite, the matte white bisque finish has an elegant air to it

The newly opened Christopher Spitzmiller Showroom in the D and D Building showcases a large assortment of his lamps, lined up like pretty ponies. Varying in size, shape and color, the range will help you to decide which vivid shade best suits your project. I had never seen the Mango color before, and it is even better in person.