by Marisa Marcantonio

I am so pleased to welcome Stylebeat's newest stylish sponsor, Architectural Watercolors. Decorative accessories, in paper, featuring highly-detailed watercolors by Berndt H. Dams and Andrew Zega, depict follies and pagodas, beautifully rendered. The designs are done on table lanterns that are illuminated by a votive, notebooks and desk accessories. The collection exudes charm, as does everything this talented artistic duo does. Check out their designs, available through Sue Fisher King.

A delightful teahouse folly in terra cotta and vivid yellow would be the perfect centerpiece for tables at a small dinner party

Capturing the essence of a grand French pavillion, this latern is for the Francofiles

A place to jot down notes and to do lists, this journal is filled with an array of amazingly rendered pagodas

Organization is never done, that's why I love these cheery little folders with chinoiserie padogas. The functional gets a stylish upgrade.