by Marisa Marcantonio

Possessing both charm and sophistication, antique textile aficionado Elizabeth Hewitt's batiky hand blocked prints have a unique freshness to them.  Printed in fantastic colors with vivid patterns, Tulu Textiles have been a favorite of mine for quite some time. Who else but an American living in Turkey would have named a fabric Madame Farfalla?! Her insanely fabulous fabrics have been available by the yard through Brooklyn's Annika Studio and LA's Nicky Rising Showroom, But I am so excited she is coming to NYC to show her bedding and accessory range.  I look forward to meeting Tulu's designer at The New York Gift Show, where she will be debuting her collection of pillows, bedding and accessories. Look for her in Booth 7877 in the Javits At Home section. 

Your home will look well - traveled with the addition of Tulu's Ottoman florals, tone on tone stripes and Uzbeki inspired geometrics. Just the pop of color that comes from two pillows will shake away the winter blues.

 A mix of antique and reproduction painted and brightly colored pieces from places like Uzbekistan and Burma are totally unique. She has some real hidden treasures.

 In her Istanbul showroom, the assortment of jolly colors and patterns is like a candy store for home accessories.

Orhan bedding in blue dreamy, it would feel at home in Santorini.

Orhan sheeting close-up, so fresh and cheery

Mimi bedding in stylized Turkish flowers is great for those that can't get enough blue and white 

Madame Thar is a fabulous print, especially when mixed with stripes

Mable bedding's floral has 1950's charm

Dame bedding is a favorite of mine, it is so old-school and fresh at the same time. Summer cottages will welcome this one!

Dame being printed

Beatrice bedding with a large and small scale pattern in greys is unexpected.

Alma would look darling in a little girls room.






Madame Thar 

Madame Farfalla in purple

Madame Farfalla

Melvin, another great one


Stella, a fabric that I can't get enough of 



by Marisa Marcantonio

Expect a wild year said the Zodiac. With the Chinese Zodiac Year of The Dragon coming to a close soon, it is interesting to notice how many great dragon designs have been created anew. Fierce, respected, honored, feared and fictitious, the dragon inspires awe and brings good fortune. Why wouldn't you want some fiery fabulousness in your home?

 Photos courtesy of Jim Thompson

No.9 Thompson's Dynasty Collection designed by Richard Smith captures the allure of Chinese folklore. Inspired by ancient decorative arts, from 17th Century silk carpets to ceramics, the hand-painted designs boldly represent a rich decorative history in a color palette for today.

With a wave and decorative link border, Enter The Dragons can be used in a variety of applications. The festive dragon is featured down the center of the fabric along with animated clouds against a rich chocolate brown. There is a great energy to this print, and I have seen it used in upholstery, but panel curtains look striking as well.

Aqua, orange, pink and yellow is another incredible color mix. This fabric can ground a room and the dominant colors make it a heady combination.

Schumacher's Chang Mai Dragon fabric came from a 1920's Art Deco print. The exuberant colorations are beloved for their versatility, as they make pieces look modern and vintage depending on the shape of the piece they go on. Here, Global Views showed their new high back chair with the print to showcase custom upholstery options.

Century Furniture showed the print on a traditional upholstered chair at High Point Market.

Photo courtesy of Mottahedeh

Bringing the dragon into tablesettings adds an air of mystery and allure. Mottahedeh's Red Dragon plate shows the fierce creature circling the border with outstretched claws. The dynamic nature of the design and the composition looks beautiful in a place setting.

Photo courtesy of Caskata

With gold detailing, Caskata's Dragon Canape Plates look amazing all together, since they capture the dragon in different places.

 Photo courtesy of Dempsey and Carrol

Opulent Gold Dragon stationery from Dempsey and Carroll will send good fortune.