by Marisa Marcantonio

Call it Melamania. I have it. A love of melamine that comes on strong every summer. John Derian's newly launched collection of plastic plate designs set it in motion.  Elevating the act of eating outside, classic French Faience pottery designs have migrated onto plastic. Derian, known for creating decoupage plates and accessories out of old book drawings and artwork gets it right with these four French designs, and they even have the high and low relief that make them feel like the real thing.  Originally, the earthenware was produced in Luneville, France in the mid 1700's.  Just don't stick these in the microwave, they won't like it.  Tres chic. Bon appetite.

Photos courtesy of John Derian

Raised at the rim, the Fleurs Isolees Dinner Plate has a sweet bloom and leaf design. If you love flowers this pattern is for you with the traditional tulips and roses.

Faience Italo-Nivernais Melamine Plate with a naive scenic band and center, all in blue and white.

Birds, butterflies and blooms dance around the border of the salad plate in Faience a la Corne

With the Faience Slice Charger in a generous size, blue and white always looks right. It mixes with other colors well and the symmetrical petal sections filled with scroll work have a charm that look old world yet fresh. I recall loving this plate in decoupage, now I can spring for more than just one.


by Marisa Marcantonio

You can hang them on the wall or use them for a picnic,  either way, the Oregon-based  Mad Platters highly detailed melamine designs are a wonderful addition. Highly - detailed, hyper-realistic fish, fowl, flowers and other archival document designs don these decorative plastic plates, the result of a recent Pinterest discovery. Available through Etsy, these well-priced pieces are sure to become summer beach and hostess gift basics.

Photos courtesy of The Mad Platters

Fish II with a yellow and blue fish swimming in opposite directions

A school of 6 blue fish cruising along

A Spotted Fish against a tiny pink pin dot background

A Pink Fish set against a geometric pink and beige design

A tropical Yellow Fish against a soft neutral graphic diamond pattern

A Blue Big Scaled Fish against a spiral design

Octopus tentacles spiraling toward the center of a white plate

The bloom is on the rose against a spotted rose and beige multi-colored ground

An archival Dandelion botanical print makes its way onto melamine

A field of detailed blue, beige and bold butterflies flutter on every inch of the plate

Who knew moths could looks so good?

An Antshrike with amazing coloring

A green bird perching on a branch

A Stilt on one delicate looking leg

A Heron midstep

A Madagascar Rail, posing

A Roseate Spoonbill framed by an ornate pink border