by Marisa Marcantonio

With the weather turning brisk, I often get to thinking of my favorite summer locales. These are the times when I yearn for longer days with sunlight, green leaves on the trees, flowers in bloom, and one of my favorite spots, Nantucket. It may be just 30 miles out to sea, but it is a destination like no other. The Grey Lady has a special place in many peoples heart's, for it's remote setting and tranquil beauty. It has a place in my heart, since going there as a child I have fond memories of driving our hunter green Wagoneer to Great Point, preparing picnic lunches with Portugese Bread from The Nantucket Bake Shop, making pottery at the Artist's Association, and eating Bluefish Pate at Straight Warf.
I love Nantucket just as much today, and am happy to say one of the great living landmarks still exists. The Nantucket Looms, an extremely special shop with artwork and items for home, is owned and run by the amazing Liz Winship. It was started in 1968, and is best known for divine loomed, handwoven brushed Mohair throws. I remember would go in there from time to time when in town, and I would wander around and look at the now iconic oil paintings of boats with red sails. My sister worked there summers in college. To this day, I still cover one of those Robert Stark Herrishoff paintings, with the magical play of light and shadow, expanse of sea and sky. I know I can go to see Liz if I feel like having a peek, or checking out the work of any of the 50 artisans she carries at The Looms. A few years back they moved to a new location, and can be found at 51 Main Street. Stop in and visit if you are there, and marvel at the world Liz has created.

Known for her ability to capture houses, landscapes and seascapes in a bold, realistic way, Nantucket Islander Joan Albaugh captures the magic hour at dusk.

A red barn contrasts with the dramatic blue sky in a Joan Albaugh from her starkly beautiful Houses series.

A desolate yet beautiful view of a marsh pond in a painting by Jill Coolidge.

A lone Herreshoff sails off in a painting by Robert Stark, Jr.


by Marisa Marcantonio

If you can't get there, channel Nantucket when you entertain at home. Bring the Gray Lady home with a whale motif and grosgrain ribbon from Target. Snap it up while it's hot, online only!

Photos Courtesy of Target
Nautical Acrylic Tumblers from Target have preppy grosgrain ribbon inside instead of a yacht club burgee, provides a nice new take on a classic. Anything with grosgain gets high marks in my book. Keep your Goombay Smash cold (an alternative to the usual Ball Jar) and your J. Crew enamel jewelery condensation free.

To make a delicious Straight Warf Goombay follow their recipe below-- you will be glad you did!

Combine the following ingredients:

3/4 ounce Bacardi spiced rum
1/2 ounce Bacardi light rum
1/4 ounce apricot brandy
1/2 ounce coconut cream
2 ounces pineapple juice

Add ice and shake, garnish with an orange slice and cherry.

First Wedgwood did their Nantucket basket homage, now Target does their chic n' cheap version. Serve farm stand salad, wishing it was from Bartlett Farms, in this well- priced bowl.

Target continues it's Nantuckety line with a blue earthenware Whale Platter, perfect for serving Something Natural Chocolate Chip Cookies after a day at shore, wishing it was Cliffside Beach.

Make some Straight Warf Bluefish pate and serve it on these adorable little Target cocktail plates.