by Marisa Marcantonio

Whats old is new again. Vera Neumann, the legendary textile designer of the 1950's and 60's is having a small revival. With the strong resurgence of classic 60's and 70's prints from Lilly and Marimekko, it was just a matter of time. Her mantra, "art should be available to everyone" is a terrific one, and has inspired textile designers and magazine editors alike. Common themes were flowers, bright abstractions, and living things. Anthropologie, with their We Love Vera line, has gotten hold of some great scarf designs and created home items and clothing with charisma and charm. Then Macy's did some table linens. She went by Vera, just Vera, and she certainly had a sense of humor in her designs.

Little blue and white china teacups all in a row. The cups sit en masse in Teacup Alley. An Anthro exclusive.

Vera, The Art and Life of an Icon is coming out soon from Susan Seid and Jen Renzi.

The Louisa Settee has a multi blue and white linear watercolor effect. The fabrics are sewn together, seams showing.

A hand tufted silk and wool Ladybug rug with a single large bug. The bug is boss.

A Freckled Fish pillow in hot pink

Photos Courtesy of Anthropology
An easy breezy skirt reminiscent of 1950's Rome looks like a costume change from The Talented Mr. Ripley. The watercolor pattern of boats captures the essence of the good life.

An outdoor tablecloth for Macys can be wiped off lickety split.


by Marisa Marcantonio

Oh tannenbaum! Tis the season to send something wonderful through the mail to those you care about. We all need Season's Greetings this year. So, here are some suggestions of what to send during the most wonderful time of the year!


Photo Courtesy of Bernard Maisner
When image is all-important, send out the best of the best. That means a card by Bernard Maisner. At $34 a pop, you might be eating Saltines for every meal, but at least you sent the warmest of wishes to your near and dear.

Photo Courtesy of Elum
This stunning letterpress damask patterned card is an elegant way to send a greeting. For the interior designers that love a good pattern, check out Elum Designs

Photo Courtesy of Elum
Perhaps you are more of minimalist? Then the letterpress Birch is for you, from Elum Designs

Photo Courtesy of Linda and Harriet
The block print is homey and warm, how about Trees at Night for the nature lover from Linda and Harriet?

Photo Courtesy of Egg Press
If you watched The Magic Garden on PBS as a child of the 70's and you are into growing and eating locally, this could be just the card. Letterpress on recycled paper from Egg Press. Greenie alert: printed on recycled paper.

Who can resist a gnome? Seriously, no one. The gnomes come out in force to send holiday greetings, also from Egg Press.

Photo Courtesy of Cranes
Santa Claus is coming to town, courtesy of Vera Wang for William Arthur.

Photo Courtesy of William Arthur
Not too many new houses being built in this wacky economic downtown....pretend you did not put your ground up construction or renovation on hold and that your front door looks like this one. From William Arthur.

Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Wright
For the traditionalist, a Poinsetta is a must. Classic and beautiful ye old motifs are plentiful in the Jonathan Wright Collection from LA.

Photo Courtesy of Crane
Time to send the cake to someone else...the best part of this card is what it says inside:“holiday wishes to you and your nutty family”, from Kate Spade for Crane.


Photo Courtesy of Sarah LeClere
Rudolf never looked so good. Watercolor printed die-cut cards from Sarah LeClare are so detailed they are a gift to receive.

Photo Courtesy of Dabney Lee
For a bit of boho chic the turquoise and white swirly pattern is for you. Inventive photo cards that are not so trad are harder to find, so I really like this from Dabney Lee

Photo Courtesy of Dabney Lee
Who can resist Greek Key in red and white? Also from Dabney Lee.

Photo Courtesy of Felix Doolittle
If you have little one's that want to get in on the holiday card festiveness, this is a good option for them to send. From Felix Doolittle.

Photo Courtesy of Iomoi
If you want to go global and just returned from India, send out this fun card from a favorite of mine, Iomoi.


Photo Courtesy of Boatman Geller
I had to show these wine bottle tags from Boatman Geller. They make the gift of wine even better when it bears a greeting.

Photo Courtesy of Felix Doolittle
A gift for colleagues and friends will look extra thoughtful with a sweet label on it. Felix Doolittle creates tags, cards and other goodies with charming watercolors.

Photo Courtesy of Felix Doolittle
Perfect for the kid's gifts, this sticker will make every teacher smile. From Felix Doolittle.

Photo Courtesy of Felix Doolittle
This tag is easy to fill in, good for those short on time! From Felix Doolittle.

Photo Courtesy of Iomoi
Love the graphic pattern and script. Large sticker labels from Iomoi make a brown box from the post office look cheery.

Photo Courtesy of Sesame Letterpress
Use them or buy them for others, these elegant letterpress tags with brightly colored motifs from Sesame Letterpress are gorgeous.

Photo Courtesy of Sesame Letterpress
More to inspire...


I saw this way back when at the gift show and could not wait to write about it! This adorable wrap brings personalization to a whole new level, get yours from Fine Stationery.

Love the circle monogram, preppy will never die!