by Marisa Marcantonio

Reminiscent of Jackson Pollock's iconic, out sized drip paintings, a new crop of painterly inspiration is emerging.  The abstract surface pattern, trending on fabrics as well as ceramics, is appreciated as much for its randomness as it is for its hand - created feel. Adding an energetic zing, splatter can kick it up a notch when pattern is called for.

Pierre Frey's Leo, named after the large scale canvas painter captures the artist's hand with slashes and drops of paint.

There is also a striking black and white combination that prefer the strong contrast.

A ceramic dish from Mrs. Howard has spatter, brushstrokes and dashes.

Beeline Home's newest lamp, The Spatter, with splashy blue glazes covering the entire white ceramic form.

Dransfield and Ross debited their new Tozai Home collection at High Point that featured a classic Louis Chair covered in a mad splash of black and white splatter paint. The natural cotton fabric the paint is applied to looks just like a Pollock canvas.

Bunching cubes also get the paint treatment.

Vaughan Design took the classic amphora shape of the Aegina Vase and added a dynamic spatter and brushstroke glaze to the ceramic lamp.

Providing a casual rustic feel, porcelain coated enamel pieces in spatterware from Crow Canyon are popular for picnics. 


by Marisa Marcantonio

The good kind of ball and chain that is. Lately I have been struck by the re-emergence of the spherical shaped pendant hanging fixture; they seem to be everywhere. Lighting is really coming into vogue in it's own right, with many young designers emerging on the scene.
Here are several examples of great fixtures in a range of materials and styles that differ in wow factor but all do their job well. Are they replacing the oh-so-femme chandelier?

Photo courtesy of Marjorie Skouras
The Marjorie Skouras Honeycomb Lantern is supported by suspended chains. It is available in a wide variety of colored glass inlays. I love the faceted ball it is very Epcot meets Biosphere.

Photo courtesy of Mallett
The Meta Collection from uber high end antiques dealer Mallett showcases contemporary designs. The Diamond's Are a Girl's Best Friend hanging lantern by Matali Crasset has enough faceted sharp angles to keep you mesmerized; you will want to stare at it for hours.

Photo courtesy of Urban Electric
The Dover Ball from Urban Electric was designed by Michael Amato. It fuses old world craftsmanship with traditional and pared down clean lines.

Photo courtesy of Currey and Company
Bling bling! Add some razzle dazzle with the crystal globe Roundabout Pendant from Currey and Company.

Photo courtesy of Horchow
I am sort of over capiz except when it is used in this way, resembling a flower in full bloom. From Horchow.

Photo courtesy of Charles Edwards
The Octagonal Ball Lantern from my always favorite Charles Edwards is a knockout.

Photo courtesy of Vaughan
Light glows beautifully when cast from alabaster. The Greenwich Globe from Vaughan has Greek key detailing, a classic chain link suspension and a beautiful shape. From Vaughan.

Photo courtesy of Schoolhouse Electric
Love birds and flowery designs by artist Amy Ruppel are painted on the limited edition Folk Birds pendant from Schoolhouse Electric.

Photo courtesy of Currey and Company
The Wiggins Orb from Currey and Company mixes rough luxe materials burlap and wrought iron for a chic rustic look. It also vaguely reminds me of Around the World in Eighty Days--I love this piece.

Photo courtesy of Remains Lighting
The Sorenson Lantern from Remains Lighting is netted in a handwoven wire.

Photo courtesy of Circa Lighting
Thomas O'Brien's Hicks Pendant from Circa Lighting is more of an egg shape with a brass top half. It is great for an industrial toned project.

Photo courtesy of Shades of Light
Looking for a classic orb in clear glass? Here it is! The Industrial Pendant from Shades of Light is affordable and classic. It also comes in brushed nickel.

Photo courtesy of Restoration Hardware
Channelling olde England? The Victorian Hotel Pendant from Restoration Hardware has sectioned panes of glass and a detailed border in gleaming nickel. Regal indeed.

Photo courtesy of Pucci
French jewelry and furnishings artist Herve Van Der Straeten's metal work always amazes. His pod-like pendant fixture from Pucci International is a jewel in the crown.


by Marisa Marcantonio

The Brits always come up with covetable design. If you are on the hunt for some fresh, contemporary embroideries, look no further. Vaughan Designs, the British company known for their extensive lighting collection, carries terrific fabrics. The soft color palette and modern design add a sophisticated touch that can read city or country.

Selendi, ivory linen with embroidered Medici insignia in dark red.

Tinos, ivory linen with eau de nil embroidery is a soft botanical.

Milas, ivory linen with embroidered pattern in pink and green has an animal and Turkish feel, depending how you look at it.

Keros, in ivory linen with embroidered red coral pattern is an abstracted pattern that makes a nice filler fabric.

Penglai, ivory linen with embroidery in eau de nil has a subtle geometric pattern.

Samos, ivory linen with red embroidery with a bold pattern that would work in an Austrian Schloss or English interior.

Samos in green.

Antalya, ivory linen with red embroidery of vines and flowers.

Seto, ivory linen with embroidery in blue channels David Hicks.

Andros, an ivory Linen with hand embroidered motif in pale blue & coral is remeniscent of early American quilts.

Hydra, ivory linen hand embroidered in pale blue, pale green and coral.

Leros, ivory linen with embroidered damask pattern in eau de nil can work in an arts and crafts interior.

Leros in red.

Photos courtesy of Vaughan
Kos , ivory linen with an embroidered leaf motif in blue, green & red has a small repeat perfect for pillows.