by Marisa Marcantonio

Constantly pushing the boundaries, working in new materials, and exploring form and function in new ways-- these are all things creative designers and artists grapple with on a daily basis. San Francisco based artist Tina Frey works in resin, creating interesting and functional pieces. She achieves a harmonious balance of shape and material. Her organic designs are initially sculpted in clay, and then a mold is made by hand. The final result is a resin piece that is then sanded, so each piece has subtle variations in shape. Juicy jelly bean-like colors give her designs a radiating glow. The interplay of form, material and function are a sculptural and colorful way to add an artistic element that is also safe to eat off of. Her work would feel right at home at the Flinstones house with it's whimsical sensibility.

Her new Pedestal Collection Footed Bowl takes a classical form for entertaining, usually made in porcelain, and reinterprets it in a translucent, glowing material

The pink versions look like fruit Popsicles

The white resin takes on a wonderful, soft marshmallowy look