by Marisa Marcantonio

Just in time for Santa! Its like shopping the best a chic town has to offer without ever setting foot there. Taigan, a new, highly curated e-commerce boutique shopping site, provides access to stylish finds around the country that are unique to their locale. Under the creative direction of longtime Vogue writer and pro shopper, Julia Reed, Taigan, is named after a treasured hound from Kyrgyzystan. It is said to be a keen hunter and national treasure,as well as an endless seeker. This highly prized dog is their staunch logo. Specialty boutiques can gain a whole new audience with this online presence. It is like they have their own well designed website, without the downside of worrying about selling goods and constantly updating it. Taigan cuts out the online research that locating their purveyors of gifts, fashion and gourmet goodies would normally require. When a friend visits a great new shop word of mouth helps, but now you can access luxe purveyors with the click of a mouse. Fetch, their charming magazine written by Julia, will have behind the scenes on the tastemakers and merch that make the creative world tick. Atlanta's Bungalow Classic, New York's Georgia Tapert Living, LA's Hollyhock and New Orlean's Pied Nu have joined the mix. Many shops will offer edited items just for the online community. Rather than scouring New York, LA, Palm Beach, Atlanta, New Orleans, Charleston, Chattanooga, and Nashville, cool your heels and log on.

Photo Courtesy of Taigan
"The Butterfly Keeper" Limited Edition Giclee Print in the Chinoiserie style by artist Harrison Howard

Photo Courtesy of Taigan
Hand-painted Venetian Glassware from Georgia Tapert Living