by Marisa Marcantonio

A lot! Katie Ridder just launched a follow-up to her dynamite wallpaper collection and added fabrics! The fabrics are full of the charm and appeal. The printed patterns allude to the best things in life: summer sailing, travel in far off lands and lazy vacations. Just think, now you can upholster everything and paper the walls in these darling prints! They can be found in New York and DC at Holland and Sherry and in LA at Harbinger. Samples will be available in a month. The papers have been doing so well those samples are flying out of the showrooms. Peter Pennoyer, her architect husband, told me one of the papers will be featured in the new Sex in The City movie, yippee!

Seaweed in Lime

Peony in Poppy

Moonflower and Tangerine

Oiseau in Robin

Leaf in Plum

Beetlecat in Apricot

Attendants in Indigo