by Marisa Marcantonio

Making presents look distinctive is not as hard as it looks. You can fancy up any gift in a jiffy with beautiful ribbon, a great tag, a sprig of something fresh like an herb or bloom, and a heartfelt message.

Photos courtesy of Paperfinger
Bryn at Paperfinger has your creative options covered. Her calligraphy printing makes everything you touch look super fancy and tres elegant. I have written about her font mastery before, when I showed her custom return address stamps. She has a knack for making the ordinary extraordinary.
Perhaps custom ribbon is what you fancy. Cheery red cotton ribbon with white font looks sharp, and will be the finishing touch for some printed wrapping paper. You get 25 yards per order, so the bow tying opportunities are endless.

Embellish a special gift with custom gift tags. They come in a set of 2o, and you can choose from a variety of elegant styles. If you don't use them all this season, you can use them for thoughtful gestures any time.


by Marisa Marcantonio

Photo courtesy of Paperfinger
The wood handled rubber stamp of hand-drawn calligraphy from master pen wielding Bryn from Paperfinger is the ultimate way to say I love you, over and over and over again. Order it soon so you have it in time for the big day. Or any day you want to utter these three words.