by Marisa Marcantonio

With the same joie de vivre and panache as it's signature silk printed scarves, Hermes has made it's first foray into fabrics and wall coverings. Since 1937, the storied French house that began as a saddlery has garnered a loyal following for among other things, multi-screened many-hued silk scarves. The same painstakingly involved artistic process of hand-printing comes into play in their newly launched fabrics and wall coverings. Capturing familiar sportif aspects through equestrian and nautical motifs as well as tropical and exotic themes, the highly detailed novelty patterns are great for those that want to add a sense of fun and beauty in their home. Available through Dedar showrooms around the country, the captivating collection will cure even the most severe case of wanderlust.

Bibliotheque shows a library's worth of equestrian books

The chunky links of the Chain D'Ancre bracelet are translated onto a surface pattern of wallpaper with chains that come from a bot anchor line called Circuit 24.

Another great chain pattern with curved chains in the Circuit 24 fabric

Fils D'Argent fabric takes its loopy interlocking chain pattern from horses bridals

Up and Down wallpaper is an alternating thick and thin strip playing with the H motif

A parade of elephants march across  Beloved India fabric that captures the exuberant colors of the country

Rows of cotton striped saddle girths line a railing in Les Sangles wallpaper

Toucans and Parrots mingle with other exotic wildlife in Equateur, a wallpaper

With a  blue background


by Marisa Marcantonio

Reminiscent of Jackson Pollock's iconic, out sized drip paintings, a new crop of painterly inspiration is emerging.  The abstract surface pattern, trending on fabrics as well as ceramics, is appreciated as much for its randomness as it is for its hand - created feel. Adding an energetic zing, splatter can kick it up a notch when pattern is called for.

Pierre Frey's Leo, named after the large scale canvas painter captures the artist's hand with slashes and drops of paint.

There is also a striking black and white combination that prefer the strong contrast.

A ceramic dish from Mrs. Howard has spatter, brushstrokes and dashes.

Beeline Home's newest lamp, The Spatter, with splashy blue glazes covering the entire white ceramic form.

Dransfield and Ross debited their new Tozai Home collection at High Point that featured a classic Louis Chair covered in a mad splash of black and white splatter paint. The natural cotton fabric the paint is applied to looks just like a Pollock canvas.

Bunching cubes also get the paint treatment.

Vaughan Design took the classic amphora shape of the Aegina Vase and added a dynamic spatter and brushstroke glaze to the ceramic lamp.

Providing a casual rustic feel, porcelain coated enamel pieces in spatterware from Crow Canyon are popular for picnics.