by Marisa Marcantonio

Believe the hype. This collection by Missoni for Target is going to knock your socks off. The Italian knit line that my mom rocked in the 1970's (and my sister and I took time to warm to at the age of 10), is hitting American shores in a major way with Target come September 13th. The Missoni collab is major, with over 400 items from socks to cardigans, and promises to amaze even the persnickety with both quality and style. I have seen it all with mine own eyes and it is pretty amazing.
New Yorkers will have access to a Pop Up shop because we are Target less and others can pounce at retail and the website. Get some molto Italiano zig zag knits in your life while you can!
A swirled glass bowl makes a great gift and it looks handmade
Zig zag down the leading edge of a knit pillow and a felted wool textural pillow are so poppy

File in groovy style

Ride on with this killer cruiser

Serve it up tray chic

Towels in an array of brights

Get your caffeine on with their Espresso Cups Set

Give great gift: wrap wine with flair

Get framed to look good
Store stuff with a riot of color
Even your laptop gets the treatment

Your desk does not have to be bland
Tote it all with Italian charisma. Whether you are hitting the Amalfi Coast or staying stateside you will recognize your bag on the conveyor belt.