by Marisa Marcantonio

Hang out with Nicky and catch up!

I finally got the chance to visit the fabric showroom of Nicky Rising recently. Located at 550 Norwich Drive, in a charming bungalow tucked away behind Elizabeth Dinkel's design firm and across the street from the PDC, Nicky offers a uniquely beautiful mix of modern block prints and classic designs from niche brands that have a devoted following. She represents the British company De Gournay, Katherine Rally batik prints, sophisticated wovens from Brooklyn's Chappas Textiles, Plumwich's hand printed fabrics, Ikat by the Yard, and Yoma solids. Seeing inspiring fabrics in such a darling setting makes the design process personal and special-- the way it ought to be. Nicky brings a real passion to the process, and services the entire LA designer community that know and love her.

Katherine Rally batiks are a perfect choice for a warm locale.

A stack of bold swirly ikats await you.

Silk shades made of DeGourney painted panels is a surefire way to instant beautify a room.

Seeing this elaborate mirror and De Gourney grisaille painted paper was just heaven.

another view...

Gilded mirrors flank a window near Nicky's desk.

Chappas can do virtually any color you need. The rich textures in combination with vibrant hues make Chappas one of my new artisinal favorites.

Beautiful hand - printed Plumwich Textiles in fresh pattens and unique colors hang from pegs all in a row. Their design is Swedish and Roman influenced.

Looking for a new resource for printed linen? Tight patterns and interesting organic graphic designs make Plumwich's prints a new star on the horizon.

Nicky has great design books stacked on tables for when design influence is needed.

A cozy wing chair covered in a Plumwich print works well against the traditional and elegant pale blue wall of hand - painted climbing branches from De Gournay. It youngs it up.

Maria Lida Italian fabrics are insanely beautiful- their variation and subtle color shifts make these prints ethereal.

Ikat pillows can instantly give a solid sofa a touch of pizzaz.


by Marisa Marcantonio

Photos courtesy of Katherine Rally Textiles
The Dupps family surrounded by their designs

After I posted Batik Beauties covering batik fabrics and accessories, I was inundated with emails and Facebook messages telling me I had to know about Rally and Kathy Dupps. Thanks to Nicky Rising in LA, I now know about a beautiful line of batik fabrics called Katherine Rally Textiles designed by an amazing family that lives in Bali. The story of their collection is what dreams are made of-- everyone will wish they lived this gorgeous existence! Their textile company was inspired by their love of travel, textiles they had seen on their journey, and design. Rally, an architect, is from Nashville, and Kathy, an interior designer from Arizona, met in 2002. The great adventurers decided to backpack through Southeast Asia, to see how it went and what might come of it. After a marriage proposal, "they both thought 6 weeks in India sounded way more interesting than a diamond ring", says their website, so they hit the road. The fabric bug began with a sketch and a sarong, and the rest, as they say, is history. They relocated to the island of Bali, Indonesia, known for their batik artistry, with their two small children when the economy went south, and dug in their heels, creating batiks in modern patterns and great colors. When they are not globetrotting and creating textiles, they make their home in Aspen, Colorado. The fabrics are available through Walker Zabriskie Furniture in Palm Beach, the shop Lotus Bleu in San Francisco, to the trade in LA through Nicky Rising Limited, Travis and Company in Atlanta to the trade and more places listed on their website.

I recently caught up with Rally, who gave me the scoop:

Perhaps you can share your story from inspiration to reality.

Bali is a real melting pot and crossroads of culture and this mixed with amazing natural beauty means anyone with an iota of creativity will find inspiration here. Thomas Edison was right: inspiration is 99% perspiration (that goes double for hot humid Bali). One time I was on a long walk in the rice field and an elderly Balinese lady was making her rounds with incense and offerings for her shrines and I noticed she was wearing the most amazing batik sarong. I tried to capture it in my imagination as best I could and then began drawing furiously when I got home.

What made you decided to produce your own collection?

A collection must have a point of view. When you close your eyes and think of Katherine Rally Textiles, what comes to mind? I ask myself this question every time I begin designing something new. I want people to think of Katherine Rally Textiles as bold, beautiful batiks in memorable patterns using an innovative mix of modernism and tradition. Adding to our collection means offering our clients more of what they have come to love from us, but taken to a new level. It is an endless, delightful journey.

Do you sell retail and to the trade?
Actually, we sell to both. Our pillows and tableware are available through retailers and our fabric is sold through showrooms. All of our retailers and showrooms are shown on the "where to buy" section of our website, Katherine Rally.

A stack of colorful patterned pillows

Napkins styled on a bamboo ladder

The textiles:

Garden Gate in pink coral

Dallah in Kelly Green

Pondicherry in pink coral

Sassa in pink coral

Eliza in classic blue

Fleur in empire red

Rebecca in powder blue

Monaco in bougainvellea

Ballian in classic blue

Joie de Vivre in empire red

Afrique in chocolate