by Marisa Marcantonio

When my favorite watercolor artists get together and offer their prints all in one place, I get excited about it. Harrison Howard, Mita Corsini Bland and Caitlin McGauley, among other talented artists featuring interiors and fashion, are selling their prints in an online shop called The Tiger Flower Studio.  As a reflection on the finer things in life-- captured though elegant interiors, flowers and Chinoiserie scenes-- the artists limited edition giclée prints, available framed or unframed, are done using archival pigment inks on archival paper. They are wonderful additions to round out any interior aficionado's collection.


Known for her stunning interior illustrations, she creates beautiful watercolors of well-known interior designers rooms. You may recall her work in the Sister Parish book that came out in 2009.  I could frame every single image in there and cover a wall in it.

Brooke Astor's library done by Parish Hadley

A Tom Scheerer designed living room

Albert Hadley interior

Albert Hadley's bedroom

A Bar on Desk

A Bunny Williams great room

Miles Redd's First Apartment

A New York City Sitting Room

A Paul Wiseman interior

A Peter Dunham living room

A Sister Parish Living Room

Sister Parish's Maine Porch

Todd Romano's desk


The go-to gal for fashion-forward charming and bold watercolors and illustrations, Caitlin's work has legions of followers.


Two Chairs

Still life


I have long been in awe of Harrison's fantastical, whimsical Chinoiserie scenes. I am so pleased he has this outlet for his work, where he can gain new admirers.  He has been busy, for he has recently collaborated on some fun entertaining accessories which I will share soon.

A Look at The Moon 

Before The Concert 

Finger Sponge and Angria

Garden Plans 

La Belle Mer

Red Coral and Top Shell 

Rococo Fantasy

Sea of Poppies

The Blue and White Pavilion

The Chaise Lounge

The Coral Grove

The Courtship

The Shell Collector

The Topiary Lady

Turtle With Urn

Watching and Waiting


by Marisa Marcantonio

The island of Stakholmen off the coast of Sweden.

So what is your favorite red thing?
Artist Harrison Howard wins the goods for his stunning submission of his favorite red thing, a charming red Gothic cottage in Sweden shown here:

Harrison included this explanation with his submission. "The credit for these pictures goes entirely to Mr. H in Sweden, who shut down his blog quite some time ago, but he keeps the website Giornale Nuovo open to traffic. The images were originally published in 2005. When I think of red, this house often comes to mind. The entire cottage, inside and out is painted in this fiery shade. The house is actually on a desolate island off the coast of Sweden, and a multimedia installation entitled , "Shall We Dance", by a Malm-based artist named Peter Johansson." Harrison included that if he won my contest, I should offer this mysterious Mr. H the prize instead, for making the discovery known. He also shared, "Alessandra Branca is a favorite as far as designers go."If you have read the Stieg Larsson trilogy starting with Girl With a Dragon Tattoo, this territory may sound familiar to you. Thank you for this discovery!

Thank you dear readers for your incredible submissions, it was so hard to choose a winner!


by Marisa Marcantonio

Harrison Howard has the enviable artistic touch-- he is a wizard with a paint brush. Painting screens, panels, easel paintings, and watercolors, with a focus on decorative themes, architectural subjects, chinoiseries, and scenic's, birds, animals and floral motifs figure prominently in his collection. His ability to capture the sense of fun and lightness of his subject matter makes him very special indeed. With a longstanding decorator following, now you can snap up his pieces simply by clicking through to his online gallery website. Here are some of my favorite examples of his work. Long live Chinoiserie. Simply divine.

Almost Home

The Water Server

The Poem

Crab Baiting

The Dowry

The Architect