by Marisa Marcantonio

Twice a year, shoppers get in line to buy the wonderful printed bedding created by French linen house D. Porthault at discounted prices. The sale always promises good finds coupled with great people watching.  Everyone waits in line for these deals. I mean everyone. If you do not find yourself at 470 Park Avenue at 58th Street in New York City between now and February 1st,  you can always visit the Porthault website where they list the items included. Then you can ring-a-ding-ding (212) 688- 1660 to order.  Bonne chance mon petit choux.

It looks like the sale is big on towels this season-


by Marisa Marcantonio

When it comes to floral patterns, I am drawn to particular designs that capture the spirit of my 1970's childhood. The sweet, naif and brightly colored prints of Paule Marrot, D. Porthault, Marimekko and Dek Tillet take me to a happy place. This is the very reason I was so pleased to come across Florence, this new spring design from Pomegranate, Inc. a company that makes great block printed tabletop designs. The multi-colored floral sprigs are spring personified, and grace items for tablesettings, the chef, a cozy chair and a beach tote. This way, you can keep spring alive well after the real blooms have receded into the backgound.

 Photos courtesy of Pomegranate, Inc

Francesca as napkins, come in a set of 4

Francesca as a placemat, sold in a set of 4

 Francesca as a tablecloth comes in 3 sizes

 Francesca hand towels

Francesca for the chef

Francesca for the sofa

Francesca as a boat tote for the beach