by Marisa Marcantonio

Photos courtesy of Diana Vreeland archives
Fashion icon Diana Vreeland's famous living room created by Billy Baldwin swathed in crimson red. Her dictate, to furnish her home like "a garden in hell," was interpreted by Mr. Baldwin with yards of Fleurs de Mal Scarlet chintz. It covered everything in the living room, the sofa and the draperies.

The jolt of scarlet red provides endless fascination for designers working today. Vreeland's lure and stylish appeal is still mesmerizing.

Photo courtesy of Connor
To celebrate her indomitable style, Connor has launched writing papers emblazoned with DV's signature necklace, an engraved horn pendant on a gold chain. They called on her grandson, Alexander Vreeland, to create a special boxed set of 12 notecards, complete with a glazed lacquer red linings. If you have visited Barney's Chelsea Passage recently, you may have seen Connor's new in - store boutique, where they offer extraordinary uber-customized writing papers, monograms, invitations, and announcements, as well as their Write Again stationery line. Stop in!


by Marisa Marcantonio

A friend I used to work with at David Easton came over yesterday. We always talk design non-stop and I ask for his chic advice. We got to talking about my home and what I cannot live without. Not missing a beat, I declared it was the color red. With that mood-altering color on my mind, here are some well-designed chairs that may conjure up Diana Vreeland or the thought that you too, cannot live without it:

Photo Courtesy of Suzanne Allen
The St. Germain Chair from Suzanne Allen is well- proportioned and has a nice leg. Great for a living room seating arrangements or as a bedroom chair.

Photo Courtesy of Richard Shapiro
Studiolo by Richard Shapiro has this great new upholstered piece, the Bordoni Leather Minima Chair. The stamped leather, floor-length skirt and low back pillow are nice touches. An added swivel element makes it ideal for a media room.

Photo Courtesy of Wisteria
Wisteria is a go to resource for great global finds and easy gifts. Their Louis Red Upholstered Chair is easy to love. Pull it around a dining table or put it up against the wall below a sconce for a hit of eye- popping color.

Photo Courtesy of Elite Leather
Elle Decor recently feted Nathan Turner at Bloomingdales for his new Elite Leather furniture Collection. The Flores tufted armchair is my favorite--the dark wood pops against the red shiny leather, a really catchy combo for a study. The pitch is deep and perfect for reading the paper.