by Marisa Marcantonio

This Valentine's day, seal it with a kiss.

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Strong
Well said, Mrs. John L. Strong.

Photo courtesy of Mr. Boddington
Sweet As Sugar from Mr. Boddington.
Photo courtesy of Dempsey and Carroll
Adorable. Dempsey and Carroll

Photo courtesy of Paperless Post
Is someone the star in your universe? Share this Starry Heart card by Enormous Champion on Paperless Post.
Photo courtesy of Dempsey and Carroll
Love Bug Notes, Dempsey and Carroll

Photo courtesy of Bell'Invito
Flamingo fabulous from Bell'Invito.
Photo courtesy of Smythson
Keepin' it real. This Smythson of Bond Street card with elegance and simplicity states the facts, just the facts.

Photo courtesy of Paperless Post
Cuteness. Foxy from Paperless Post.

Photo courtesy of Leta Austin Foster
Say Je T'aime with this darling Parisian birds card from Leta Austin Foster.



by Marisa Marcantonio

Time, as they say, waits for no one. This is why it is best to make the most of every minute of the day, write everything down, and check things off your list as you go. Ha! Like that really happens. Maybe in a perfect world. Well, we can all kick off the New Year with a bang and try. Here are some calendars to help you make every minute count. Let me know how that works out for you.

Photo courtesy of Mr. Boddington
If you live to be Inspector Clouseau's American counterpart, perhaps Mr. Boddington's Criminels du Monde Calendar will help you to be a better sleuth.

Photo courtesy of Linda and Harriet
I can't help it, I just love what Linda and Harriet create, their letterpress papers are so creative and unique. Their new calendar is filled with patterned pages that do double duty as postcards!

Photo courtesy of Cavallini and Co
Horticulturalists will appreciate the lush blooms on Cavallini's Botanica Calendar. They capture a botanical bounty that will seem like a fresh bouquet every month. Through

Photo courtesy of Kate Spade
What does the coming year hold for you? What's in the cards? Kate Spade's graphic wall calendar of punchy fashion and lifestyle shots will keep you in the red.

Photo courtesy of Connor Paper
With tentacles too numerous to count, this Connor hand - stamped golden Octopus Calendar will change color depending upon the season. The sheer amount of tentacles and the fact that you can see them all still has me awe-struck.

Photo courtesy of Dempsey and Carroll
Engraved gilded script lavishly enhances Dempsey and Carroll's desktop easel calendar. It adds a bit of formality and is a great gift for a work friend to use at the office.

Photo courtesy of Thornwillow Press Historic designs figure prominently in the Thornwillow Press version of the easel calendar. Their motifs are perfect for those that appreciate the past while moving forward.

Photo courtesy of The Printery
The Printery has engraved gold motifs from pagodas to fish and their easel is nickel.

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Strong
You can't go wrong with a classic like this on your desk. Mrs. Strong's easel and calendar pages will keep you counting the days on posh papers with beautifully engraved motifs.

Photo courtesy of Paper Source
Hand blocked designs with old school charm like this happy octopus with school of fish make the Paper Source Art Grid Calendar a darling choice.

Photo courtesy of Snow and Graham
Snow and Graham's calendar has lots of space to write away, plus their flowery designs and bright colors are cheery.


by Marisa Marcantonio

Photo courtesy of Madeline Weinrib Studio Printworks
Allemande, her black and white wallpaper was created with Studio Printworks and inspired by a vintage French Brocade

Textile and rug designer Madeline Weinrib has been tapped by American stationer Dempsey & Carroll to do a limited edition writing paper collection. It follows on the heels of a wonderful John Derian collaboration. Madeline's designs are known for their exotic pattern play and painterly feel, and they translate well to envelope liners, adding a charming element of surprise. It is like wearing a great coat with a punchy patterned silk lining- a burst of color lurks inside. If you want to make them your own, personalization is available too- why not add your monogram in a bright contrasting color? Madeline spends much of her time traveling India and exotic lands, and one of the organizations she supports is Project Mala, a non-profit organization working to eliminate child labor in the Indian carpet industry. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these cards benefits Project Mala, so do good and write beautifully.

Photos courtesy of Dempsey and Carroll
Allemande, a pattern with a painterly flourish of over-sized damask florals is executed in graphic black and white. Ten black-bordered cards and ten lined envelopes come in each boxed set, including two of each of the five liners.

Isabelle is inspired by a block printed fabric print, one repeat is an all over and the other is a spaced pattern. I am a pink girl, so I love this one. Ten geranium-bordered cards and ten lined envelopes come in the boxed set, with five of each of the two liners.

Isabelle in blue and ecru has a crisp look to it. Whichever you fancy, the person you send it to will surely be in for a treat.


by Marisa Marcantonio

Decoupage artist John Derian creates objects with charming old world designs and prints from his East Village shop that could work well on just about anything. He was asked to do a collection with stationer Dempsey and Carroll, and decided to go with the classics. His capsule collection follows those done with interior designer Celerie Kemble, event planner Bronson van Wyck, fashion designer Lela Rose and Schumacher fabrics. The Derian patterns are familiar to those that hoard his glass plates and paperweights, those that admire them from afar, and shoppers that frequent Target. Now they grace fine writing papers, making a statement in mail. I hope a wallpaper and fabric line are next....

A boxed set contains 10 cards and envelopes of the same pattern

Floral Maze


Water Lillies
Sea Urchin

Red Flower