by Marisa Marcantonio

Photos courtesy of Diana Vreeland archives
Fashion icon Diana Vreeland's famous living room created by Billy Baldwin swathed in crimson red. Her dictate, to furnish her home like "a garden in hell," was interpreted by Mr. Baldwin with yards of Fleurs de Mal Scarlet chintz. It covered everything in the living room, the sofa and the draperies.

The jolt of scarlet red provides endless fascination for designers working today. Vreeland's lure and stylish appeal is still mesmerizing.

Photo courtesy of Connor
To celebrate her indomitable style, Connor has launched writing papers emblazoned with DV's signature necklace, an engraved horn pendant on a gold chain. They called on her grandson, Alexander Vreeland, to create a special boxed set of 12 notecards, complete with a glazed lacquer red linings. If you have visited Barney's Chelsea Passage recently, you may have seen Connor's new in - store boutique, where they offer extraordinary uber-customized writing papers, monograms, invitations, and announcements, as well as their Write Again stationery line. Stop in!


by Marisa Marcantonio

Photos courtesy of J. Crew
Instead of relying on your email and the inbox, walk to the mailbox this season. Connor for J.Crew has just launched the "Write Again" Collection in time for Holiday 2010. Just hitting the web and 10 select stores now, the exclusive collection of wedding invitations, elegant boxed sets and calendars are now available at select J.Crew boutiques,, through 800-562-0258, and the catalog as of December 1st. Choose from fun motifs to make your thank you's more original. Connor's detailed engraving is created in their Paris atelier with hand stamping done in the US. As a newer entrant in the fine paper category, the young stationer creates artisanal writing papers with endless monogram and motif design options. Rich dye hues and golden accents set off their die stamped hand painted icons in the most unique way. But wait it gets better. Packaging their papers in handsome grey linen - wrapped boxes, they are a treat to receive. Recently, Connor opened an appointment only space on the mezzanine level at the Plaza Hotel, so if you need something custom, pay Justin Felber and creative director Henri Richter-Werner a visit. From classic to cutting edge, Connor is helping to make the lost of letter writing relevant again. Make the mailbox instead of the inbox work for you, and pick up a set.

The classic Italian linen wrapped box with clean type has a distinctive look.

Pick a motif. Choose from 5 varied patterns that come in a set of 12 notes per box.

XoXo Guns for those you love but would sometimes like to kill.

A Rhino because they are so darn cute.

Feeling dangerous? Then the Snake is the way to go.

Elegant and full of mystique, Flamingos evoke old world glamour.

Need to keep better track of your time? How about the Connor 2011 Giraffe Calendar? It comes with a brass easel and could perch on a desk or table nicely.