by Marisa Marcantonio

In the right setting, the punchy combination of black and white can be just right. Mixed in with tons of other colors, or used harmoniously with a singular additional hue, there is no telling what black and white can do. Here are 5 gifts, some humorous, some serious, that capture the magic of this striking combination.

Photo courtesy of Nordstrom

This gift will go over really well if the recipient possesses a sense of humor and the ability to laugh at themselves. I love that they saying on Levtex's pillows are written in this My Three Sons font with retro overtones. Husbands, this pillow will win you major points!

Reinforcement helps. The Mr. Right version.

Photo courtesy of Vista Allegre

The graphic punch of Vista Alegre's latest collection with French fashion couturier Christian Lacroix integrates a watercolor stripe in a daring black and white linear pattern. The Sol Y Sombra dessert plates set the stage for a beautiful presentation.

Photo courtesy of Kelly Wearstler

With a dash of whimsy, Kelly Wearstler's glazed white and black ceramic bowl has a playful presence.

Photo courtesy of Alexander Wang

Having a spot near the front door to throw keys and business cards can alleviate the stress caused by a mess. Fashion darling Alexander Wang recently debuted a line of sleek home accessories, including this super chic black and white marble Junk Bowl.

Photo courtesy of Tozai

Hand-inlaid bone and ebony pieces make Tozai's delicate looking jewelry box a prized place for special baubles.

Photo courtesy of Natural Curiosities

What is more striking than the positive negative space captured in a graphic black and white piece of artwork? Playing off this natural yin yang, Natural Curiosities Geometric Study: Circle, White can hold its own or compliment a gallery wall.


by Marisa Marcantonio

If you are renting a summer house or just want to change out your artwork for a free spirited and fun feel, then you have to check out Banquet Atelier and Workshop. Canadian artist Sarah Edmonds creates charming prints influenced by her natural surroundings. The great outdoors and sea creatures figure prominently in her positive and negative hand - printed silhouettes. I think you will agree, they capture some of the best things in life with a playful spirit.

The Heart Poster says it simply.

Boreal Forest highlights the flora and fauna found in Canada's Boreal Forest, as well as medicinal properties of what is found there.

The Marine Animals Poster is in it's third edition, captures the Pacific Northwest's creatures of the deep with fun facts.

Waterbirds, printed in chocolate brown, are dainty and delicate.