by Marisa Marcantonio

If you spent part of your Thanksgiving day tuning in to The Philadelphia Dog Show like I did, then chances are you are a person that likes dogs.  Capturing popular breeds of all sizes in all their fuzzy glory, Arcadia Home's hand-knit dog ornaments, created with a fair trade group in Peru of an Alpaca wool blend, make great gifts. If your dog sits under your tree, he can gaze up and see his likeness on it, and feel very much a part of the family during the holiday season.  If you have friends with dogs, why not stock up on some barking beauties to take to your next holiday party?

 Personality plus, The Westie

A tiny treasure, the Dachshund

An attentive Beagle

A loyal Black Lab

The ever-popular Boston Terrier

The brawny Bulldog

Pug with a purpose

A white Standard Poodle who could also pass for a short haired Afghan Hound


by Marisa Marcantonio

If it is good enough for the White House, then it's good enough for you. Hang your stockings by the chimney with care, but don't neglect your tree-- shouldn't it have a pretty skirt? Arcadia Home has long been a magazine editor favorite, for their well-designed and well-made holiday creations. They use wool felt, embroidery and appliques to create family heirlooms for tomorrow. With dancing snowflakes, flying reindeer and lively Poinsettia's your tree will be dressed up in no time.
Poinsettia in red

Snowflake in red

Photos courtesy of Arcadia Home
Reindeer with Sleigh in red


by Marisa Marcantonio

Finding great holiday decorations is not so easy. You want to enjoy them year after year, and find things that are not too ornate, cheap or weird looking. Below is a selection of items that will make the season pretty, festive and have just enough detail. Fa la la!

Photo Courtesy of John Robshaw
Handmade and folksy, these block printed stockings from John Robshaw are great for warm climates since they are less wintery.

Photo Courtesy of Hable Construction
Hable Construction brought a smile to all when they started doing handmade felt stockings several years ago. Each year the designs get better, and it is hard not to buy them all.

Photo Courtesy of Hable Construction
This elf with his rosy cheeks is irresistible.

Photo Courtesy of Hable Construction
Jolly Santa has some beard.

Photo Courtesy of Hable Construction
A snowman on skis is a perfect stocking for the athlete.


Photo Courtesy of Arcadia Home
Embroidered edging on Arcadia Home's tree skirt is subtle and decorative without screaming Christmas. The skirts shown below are from Arcadia Home as well.

Photo Courtesy of Arcadia Home
A variety of snowflakes adorn the felt skirt shown above. Not too ornate with a simple border, this is a skirt you will be happy to put around the tree year after year.

Photo Courtesy of Arcadia Home
If you have little wonders gathered 'round your tree this season, they will certainly love this train skirt.

Photo Courtesy of Kate Spade
If you want a folksy 60's touch, then these ornaments are for you, available from Kate Spade.

Photo Courtesy of Cody Foster & Co.
Gilded tassels can hang from the tree or sit in a grouping down the center of the table from Cody Foster & Co.

Photo Courtesy of Hable Construction
More adorableness from Hable, these ornaments are great to give and get. This googly moose eyed and ready for more egg nog.

Photo Courtesy of Hable Construction
Mr. Gingerbread man makes many appearances this time of year--on the tree and as a cookie, he is always a cute addition.

Photo Courtesy of Smith and Hawken
Red berries stand out this time of year. A good option is a faux wreath like this one from Smith and Hawken

Photo Couresy of Wingard
For the mod moment, this is great for a minimal apartment. From Kenneth Wingard.

Photo Courtesy of Cody Foster & Co.
If you love French antiques and an aged patina, this wreath is great from Cody Foster & Co.

Photo Courtesy of The Magnolia Company
The Magnolia Company out of Florida makes and ships the most elegant wreaths and swags around. This Magnolia leaf wreath is perfect when you just do not have the time to make one yourself. The Magnolia Company will do 24 hour shipping--what are you waiting for?

Photo Courtesy of The Magnolia Company
Swag the banister and mantel away with a Plumosus Salal combination. Add some red ribbon and you have gorgeous! From The Garland Farm

Photo Courtesy of Two's Company
Set the room aglow with an aged mercury glass candlestick and shade combo from Two's Company. Shades create a soft glow and are good for parties when votives can easily to tip over.

Photo Courtesy of Creative Candles
The best candles around are from Creative Candles. They are nicely packaged, come in a wide range of colors, and are available online. Buy en masse so you do not run out!